Why You should be Squatting When Pooping – Main Health Benefits

What if I told you that you have been pooping the wrong way all your life? Modern life comes with lots of conveniences and functional items, but some of them don’t bring improvements. In fact, they could be anything but beneficial.

Researchers have been working in one particular area lately, and they’ve come to an important conclusion – the world is pooping in the wrong way!


Our ancestors used to squat in order to defecate.

The process was simple, natural and taking place whenever our predecessors found it to be convenient. Modern-day life, of course, makes such practices problematic and illogical.

We have sewer systems and the privacy of our beautiful, clean and luxurious bathrooms. Humans no longer need to run around and look for a bush, in case they need some privacy.

The squatting position, however, is one essential that we should all be making a return to.

The first toilets having seats appeared during the Roman era. The public toilets that Romans had in the 5th century BC were places where people could sit down, relax and socialize while performing essential physiological functions.

It’s interesting to note that European societies preferred the squatting position until the 18th and 19th centuries. Even aristocrats used chamber pots in their rooms, which were used for relieving oneself. The appearance of the outhouse led to the favoring of the sedentary pooping position.

The first modern toilet came into existence in the 1890s. It led to people forgetting about squatting altogether. Such toilets became a widespread phenomenon by the 1920s.

Slowly but certainly, humanity got used to sitting down and forgot about the natural way in which predecessors used to defecate.

Why We’re Pooping the Wrong Way

Sitting allows for relaxation and it doesn’t involve the discomfort associated with squatting (especially for a longer period of time). This position, however, doesn’t make any anatomical sense at all! It challenges the body and it may actually cause pooping to be more difficult.

Here’s an Image for Illustration:

There is a natural bend between the rectum and the anus. This natural bend, known as the anorectal angle, is approximately 90 degrees in a standing person. The angle keeps feces inside the rectum.

Efficient pooping requires for this angle to be straightened, preferably to 180 degrees. When people sit on a toilet, the straightening doesn’t take place. Squatting is the optimal position that straightens the angle and makes pooping a whole lot easier.

Want more evidence? Here are the results of a rather convincing study.

In 2003, researchers worked with 28 healthy volunteers who were asked to poop in three different positions. The positions included sitting on a regular toilet, sitting on a toilet that was lower than the standard and squatting.

The volunteers were asked to record the amount of time from straining to completion of the bowel movement for each of the three positions.

The results were quite impressive

Squatting led to defecation that was two times faster than the one when sitting on a standard toilet.

This is one of the main reasons why modern conveniences aren’t always the best option for you. Sitting on a toilet will cause you to strain much more than while squatting to defecate.

The straining will have negative consequences like painful hemorrhoids. Statistics show that nearly 50 percent of all Americans will suffer from hemorrhoids at least once by the time they turn 50.

Problems like hemorrhoids are almost entirely non-existent in under-developed countries. Researchers believe that the squatting position and diets in high in fiber are the main reason.

Think about what’s natural and what feels better the next time you head to your bathroom. Simple, basic and instinctive processes will quite often deliver much better results than our modern conveniences.

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