Ways to Use Ice for Do-it-yourself Beauty Remedies

I don’t know if fighting fire with fire works, but I have discovered that fighting the detrimental effects of cold weather with ice works like a charm.

You are probably asking yourself how it is possible to mitigate the consequences of biting cold wind and low temperatures with something as straightforward and unassuming as ice.


The good news is that there are plenty of ways to use ice for do-it-yourself beauty remedies, and the results are not only guaranteed, but also quite prompt. While not necessarily the result of cold weather, pimples are more than a nuisance and getting rid of them as quickly as possible is a priority.

Instead of using traditional remedies that sometimes have side effects such as hurting tender skin, help yourself to a cube of ice and watch it work its magic.

Wrap it in delicate and soft fabric, then hold it against a pimple for a couple of minutes and watch it shrink. Ice is also very useful for addressing the sensitive issue of enlarged pores and makes them invisible under makeup.

Ice is always accessible regardless of season, but nobody says that you have to use it in its raw form because adding vegetables or fruits can enhance its effect. The concoction works as an excellent exfoliator, and it’s delicate, but powerful effect makes it second to none of any commercial alternatives.

Last but not least, ICE can also be used as a refreshing solution after a sleepless night. By gently rubbing it over your eyes, you will not only feel invigorated but also look better.


It is recommended to use ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth or washcloth as using it directly to your face can trigger some breakage of the delicate capillary under the skin.

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