Nourishing Vitamin E, an All Natural Eye Cream You’ll Love

How to Turn Natural Vitamin E Into your Dream Eye Cream


itamin E is a natural choice for skin cream for a wide variety of reasons. Not only does it help heal scars, but it also nourishes and moisturizes skin at the same time. It can help everything from the scaly skin on your elbows to tempering a sunburn and changing it to a tan. There are many reasons the properties of vitamin E help the skin.

Here’s some quick science behind why it’s so great:
Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Antioxidant fights free radicals that damage and kill skin cells.

It helps repair the damage done to the cells and prevents cell death. The effects of this repair is a more youthful, plumper skin as it repairs traumatized skin cells, which restores collagen, fades age spots, and heals scarring.

You can find the oil or gel caps available at any drugstore and most groceries.

Be Careful you Don’t Choose the Wrong Type:

vitamin E natural eye cream

One thing to remember when purchasing vitamin E is to get the natural, not the synthetic type. You can tell the difference by reading the ingredients. Sure it says Vitamin E on the label, but there is also a list of ingredients on the back.

The GOOD, natural vitamin E is D-alpha tocopherol.
You will see this on the back of the bottle where it shows the ingredients, meaning the vitamin E oil is in its natural state, unaltered, and rich with good things for your skin. Natural vitamin E may either be D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, d-alpha tocopherol or d-alpha tocopheryl succinate. It can also be a mix of gamma, beta, and delta tocopherols.

The BAD vitamin E is Dl –alpha tocopherol.
The Dl means it’s a synthetic vitamin E which is a petroleum product that is only 12 percent as potent. If you read the label of synthetic vitamin E, the first thing you notice is that the name of it starts with a Dl not a D. So again, choose carefully.

The Result of Using This
Vitamin E soothes and moisturizes your skin while protecting collagen. It can help restore collagen levels. Collagen gives skin the ability to stretch, prevents wrinkles and plumps it. Using vitamin E regularly can help reduce fine lines and slow the development of future wrinkles.

When you use it as an eye cream, it won’t stretch the skin, but make it thicker and stronger. While you’ll eventually age, there’s no reason to look older than you need to look…..or even your own age! Start using this easy miracle and it won’t be long before others will notice the difference.

As we get older, we start obsessing over the newly-showing fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles that seem to scatter under our eyes. With the use of Vitamin E  over time, you will notice less fine lines and the skin under your eyes will feel hydrated, supple, and restored.

How to Turn This Vitamin E Capsule into Your Dream Eye Cream:

Cleanse the eye area, removing all traces of eye makeup, foundation, face powder or concealer. Wash hands thoroughly before applying.

Puncture your Nature Made Vitamin E capsule with a clean, sterilized needle or pin (just give it a swipe with rubbing alcohol).

Squeeze the contents of the vitamin E on your palm and apply with your ring finger (least amount of pressure) lightly under the eye area, at the sides and over the eyelids.

This is ideal to do before bed, as your skin cells turn over the most when you sleep and are more apt to fully absorb the vitamin E.

Voila! You have a simple, inexpensive, all-natural eye cream that is free of harmful parabens, alcohols, and silicone that top-of-the-line eye creams contain, and will deliver moisture, radiance, and healing to your skin!

Extra Tip:
Make sure to apply Vitamin E over slightly wet or damp skin to get the most out of the hydrating benefits of this antioxidant.

Doing this way, the emollient properties of Vitamin E oil will allow the water to hydrate while penetrating through the skin.

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