12 Unexpected Vaseline Uses That Will Save You Money

Pouring Kosher Salt Into Vaseline Has Some Amazing Benefits

Vaseline is a familiar household item. Most people have been using it since they were in diapers. Because of this, it is highly likely that you have at least a small jar of the stuff somewhere in your house at this very moment. It is true that Vaseline is a constant in many medicine cabinets because it is a good moisturizing agent.

Have You Ever Wondered Where Vaseline Came From or What it Really Is?

What Is Vaseline? In 1859, Robert Chesebrough happened to be in the oil fields of Titusville, Pennsylvania. There, he acquired knowledge about “rod wax”, which is a kind of an oily residue. The workers there used rod wax to help heal burns and cuts. Chesebrough saw how beneficial it is so he took some of it to Brooklyn. There, he extracted petroleum jelly from the rod wax and began selling it as Vaseline.

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Amazing Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly Uses!

Vaseline is a known moisture insulator that helps you with cracked, dry skin. Fortunately, because of continuous research and trials, Vaseline now has more uses than that. Read on!

Scrub your Body
You can make your own body scrub at home. Just mix some kosher salt into your Vaseline. For moist and smooth lips, mix sugar with Vaseline and scrub your lips lightly.

Unstick your Stuck Zipper
To remedy your annoying zipper, add a tiny amount of Vaseline to it and give it a hard tug.

Smoothen your Scratched Phone Screen
Vaseline has the same density as your phone’s LCD. Just add some Vaseline to the scratch and then wipe off the excess Vaseline. Just avoid getting any Vaseline on the rest of the phone.

Make your Leather Shoe Shine
Get your old, scuffed up, leather shoes. Use a cotton swab to get some Vaseline and rub it on the shoe scuff.

Tidy Paint Jobs
Avoid staining surfaces when you paint something around the house. Cover surfaces you don’t want paint on with Vaseline before you start.

Smudge-less Nail Painting
Apply a bit of Vaseline to your cuticles with a cotton swab to keep your nail polish from sticking to the skin on the sides of your nails.

Eliminate Makeup Stains from Fabrics
Just put a small amount of Vaseline on a damp cloth. With it, rub away the stains on your sheets and clothes.

Make that Squeaking Stop
If you have door hinges that make too many squeaky noises, remove the door hinge and apply a light coat of Vaseline to it.

Bug Repellent
Apply a coat of Vaseline to your skin before you go out to prevent bug bites.

Remove Water Stains from Any Wooden Surface
If you notice a water ring on your wood table, apply some Vaseline to it and let it sit overnight. Wipe it off the following day. You will find the water ring is gone.

Make Your Cologne Last Longer
If you notice that your cologne does not last that long, apply some Vaseline to your skin first. Then spray on your scent. This allows your fragrance to last the entire day.

Beautify your Hair
If your hair is suffering from split ends, frizziness, and fly-aways, apply some Vaseline to it. Vaseline also protects your hair from damage.

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Vaseline is indeed a wondrous product. Try some of the given Vaseline hacks and let us know. Share them with your friends and family.

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