50 Beautiful Things You Can Do With Vaseline In 5 Minutes

Hold on to your hats for this video. It moves fast, and yes, there are fifty different ideas for beauty uses of Vaseline.

vaseline uses

I have to admit; I enjoyed watching the gal who made the video. She was cute and perky, and you could tell that some of the material was not from personal experience, but from surfing the net and doing her homework.

Not everything in the video was new. I’ve used some of the ideas on and off for ages, but I did get a few good ones, such as using Vaseline and salt for a lip exfoliate.

It works great. I tried it right after the video, and it softened my lips immediately, taking off the cracked hard layer that winter often brings.

vaseline uses

You’ll probably find several you hadn’t tried. I had to stop the video a couple of times to write them out so I could research them more or try them right away.

So why spend a hefty amount of money on products when you could have one magical product to do it all, for a fraction of the price?

Credit: Adelaine

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