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The ill-famed US skater champ Tanya Harding has entered the world of celebrity sex tape with her appearance in a porn style “Wedding video” showing her having sex with ex-husband Jeff Gillooly. The infamous Tonya Harding Wedding Video for free was made public during the early 90’s and was published by Penthouse in September of 1994.

Tanya Harding was also associated in a bigger strife related to the conspiracy to kill Nancy Kerrigan who was one of her competitors during the ’94 US Championship. It was reported that a band of henchman such as her ex-husband and bodyguard hired Shane Stant to club rival Nancy Kerrigan on the knee in order to force her out of the competition which by the way, Harding won that event but was later found guilty to conspiracy in obstructing prosecution and was banned from competitive figure skating for life.

She is raving the news recently as people have started to talk about her after showing up in the latest episode of HBO show real sports. No wonder people is searching once again for Tonya Harding video nowadays, I think this phenomena of celeb’s sex tapes first started with Paris Hilton who became famous of being famous.

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