5 Quick Tips You Should Follow When Shopping for Shoes

UGH! Trying to break in a pair of shoes is bad enough, but when you try it on a pair that doesn’t fit right, it’s almost impossible. Getting a good fit is a key to comfort. No matter how stylish the shoe is if it’s not comfortable you won’t look your best.

tips on buying the right shoes

You’ll have that pained look all the time you’re wearing the shoes and that’s not flattering at all. That’s one reason I loved this video. I loved this video.

It helped me buy the perfect fitting shoe that was also stylish and sumptuous for my evening wear. It felt like I was in heaven all night and I never had to take my shoes off once.

You’ll love the tips in this video. Some are just common sense, but points to remember when shopping for shoes. I know that my feet have gotten bigger as I aged, so it was reassuring to find that was normal and I wasn’t having a growth spurt.

For a while, I was worried I’d be wearing clown shoes by the time I hit 70 or 80. Watch and enjoy your next pair of shoes to the maximum.

Here are 10 Tips to Help you Select Shoes that are Right for your Feet:

Shop at the End of the Day
You heard it right, buying a pair of shoes in the morning time could cause you a major pain later on. Believe it or not, our hands and feet swell or expands throughout the day, so save your shoe shopping in the evening to get a “true size” shoes.

Once your feet have been moving, your shoes will fit better and be more comfortable.

Always Try On Two Sizes
Most people have a slight size variation from one foot to the other and obviously, the larger of the two will dictate which size you actually buy. You can just put an insole for the smaller size of foot to make it fit perfectly.

Shoe Sizes Vary
Our shoe sizes normally vary between different manufacturers and brands. So always try the shoe on and don’t just go by size. When buying dress shoes, you must choose a slightly larger size than regular shoes especially if the toes are pointed.

A well-fitting shoe will have a minimum of a finger between the longest toes and the end of the shoes.

Paying attention to the width is also essential.
While you’re at the store, stand next to the shoe and compare the broadest part of your foot to the broadest part of the shoe. Only buy the shoe that fits good otherwise, there’s no point of buying nice shoes but feel uncomfortable.

Shoes that constrict or pinch your toes will make you miserable fast and can lead to painful, and more serious problems down the road.

tips on buying the right shoes

Choose a Sensible Pair of Shoes
Always determine what occasion you are buying the shoes for. A narrow stiletto is virtually no help running around all day. Save your stilettos and wear them for fancy dinner where you don’t spend much time standing.

For regular wear, choose wedges and platforms that offer more support for your legs.

Measure your Feet
Our feet change as we age, often growing larger and wider. So always measure your feet every time you buy a new pair of shoes and if one foot is larger than the other, buy a size that fits the larger foot.

If you actually end up buying a pair of shoes, choose the actual pair you tried on to be certain you’re getting exactly what felt good.

tips on buying the right shoes

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