Tipped Out Hair – Get the Look of Dip-Dyed Hair Without the Commitment!

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I’m not the kind of person that desperately tries to stand out from the crowd, in fact I suspect that I blend in too well for my own good. That’s why, every now and then I try to come up with something that will make me feel good about myself, without going too far. Colors tresses look great on some people, and not so good on the others but the only way of finding out for sure what category you belong to, is by making a little experiment.

There are two ways to do it, but I find the very idea of paying for expensive salon visits daunting, not to mention that in this case the results are hit or miss. So if you are like me and want to explore new opportunities without hurting your budget in the process, I suggest you to follow my advice on how to get temporarily tipped. You don’t need any experience and as long as you are willing to go along with this experiment, you will have a lot of fun and achieve the results you seek.

You shouldn’t have any problem in finding chalk pastels of different colors, and Henna based hair dyers are equally common and not expensive. As soon as you are in possession of these products and a koolaid kit, you are ready for a new adventure that will last between four and six weeks. You need to let the mixture work its magic overnight, but you can rest assured that when you wake up you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You can try these chalk Pastels:
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How to:
1) You need the most eye-catching, striking chalk to do this and Sennelier Extra Soft Pastels work best. You can anticipate to spend around $3 for every stick, in addition to shipping.

2) Start by dunking the end of your hair in a glass of water and wipe the extra water out by running your fingers thru your locks.

3) The easiest way to adhere the color is to twist your hair while rubbing or applying the chalk. You can add more color if you prefer and simply run the hair through your fingers to blend well.

4) I highly recommend that you put some hair moisturizing cream to the hair tips since it will feel too desiccated after the chalk application. In case you have a curly hair, you can spray a curl defining spritz.

5) Just wash your hair using shampoo and good conditioner to remove the color.

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