The Fastest Way to Remove Period Stains from Fabric

Dealing with a leak during your period if annoying, and yes, it’s pretty gross too. However, the next step is to try to scrub the mess from your bedding or clothing before the fabric is permanently stained.

How many times have you ended up throwing another set of sheets or another pair of panties in the trash?

remove period stains from fabric

There’s good news! You can quickly eliminate those period stains with a few easy tricks. That way you save your favorite garments and you can get back to your ibuprofen, heating pad, and chocolate.

Dealing with Fresh Stains

Start by rinsing the fabric under lukewarm or cold water in the bathtub or sink. The force of the water will help to dissolve most of the blood.

Never use hot water! If there’s any blood left behind, use some soap to scrub away the rest of the stain using a scrub brush or your fingers. Regular bath soap or hand soap usually does a good job.

Dealing with Stubborn, Dried, or Old Stains

Dip a washcloth in some hydrogen peroxide and then dab the peroxide right on the bloodstain. Rinse the fabric with cool water.

Place the item in your washing machine as normal. Even if you don’t wash the garment right away, you should have no problem eliminating the stain.

Keep in mind, this approach is best for light or white items, since hydrogen peroxide may make colors fade. You can also spray a spot cleaner that’s specifically for blood or a laundry stain removal product on the items. Add the items to the wash and wash as normal.

DIY Approaches to Removing Stains
If you don’t have any spot cleaner, you have no hydrogen peroxide, you’re not at home, or you don’t have any soap on hand, here’s a method that can help.

Take a few aspirin pills and crush them up. Add a bit of water, mixing until you have a paste.

Apply the aspirin paste to the stain. It should help remove the bloodstain. You can also use some baking soda or a salt packet to help remove the stains.

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