Stop Blisters on Feet from Your Running Shoes

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When you tie your running shoes, you normally cross your laces across the shoe to tie them. While this closes the gap and keeps your shoes from falling off your feet, it doesn’t mean it prevents blisters that can keep you from running for weeks. The way you tie your shoes can change the outcome of the run, leaving your shoes tight and your feet blister free.

blisters on bottom of feet

No matter how well your shoes fit, the key to preventing blisters is to tighten your laces enough so your shoes move with your feet and don’t rub. Even when you tighten them appropriately initially as you run, the laces become looser.

This technique requires you to use that extra lace hole at the top of your running shoes that’s set slightly to the side. Normally, it’s just there looking like a decoration but not being used. You use it to create the best fit for your shoes so it doesn’t slide at the heel and fits snugly.

blisters on bottom of feet

Before you tie your shoes, first take the aglets—the little plastic tips on the shoelaces—and insert them in the unused hole next to them going in from the top toward the inside of the shoe.

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Don’t tighten them, but allow a loop to form. Do this on each side. You now have loops on both sides. Now cross the laces and insert the aglets from the right side into the loop on the left side and the aglet of the left into the loop on the right.

blisters on feet
Once you have the aglets through the loops, you need to pull down to cinch the laces. Normally, your first reaction is to pull up, but that won’t tighten the loop, but leave it loose. The key is to tighten it and pulling downward on the lace allows you to do this.

blisters on feet
As you pull down, the loop gets smaller and then creates a lock at the eyelet of the shoe that doesn’t allow your laces to loosen and keeps the shoe tight to your foot. Since the shoe is tight, you don’t have any up and down movement that can cause blisters that can set you back repeatedly.

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