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It took me a long time to accept the fact that some of my favorite pairs of earrings will forever remain in the back of the drawer. My sensitive ears reminded me every time I was about to forget, that wearing these beautiful jewelry will invariably lead to pain and sore ears. You can only imagine how reluctant I was to believe the rumors that a definitive solution for sensitive ears has been found and it is neither expensive nor dangerous.

All it takes is clear nail polish, which has to be carefully applied on the part of the earring that goes into the ear, and the dreadful sensation of swelling and pain vanishes. It sounded too good to be true, but given the fact that I have clear nail polish to last for a lifetime, I found no reason not to put this do-it-yourself solution to the test. They say that experience is the best teacher, so let me save you the trouble by emphasizing the fact that you should apply the nail polish with care and moderation.


The Sensitive Ear Solution:

Grab your earrings
Apply some CLEAR NAIL Polish
Paint over the part that goes into your ear with clear nail polish
Let it dry and wear

Another Solution:

Try a dab of antibiotic cream. Slightly coat the earring post with antibiotic cream before wearing them in, I did that to my earrings and wear them all day without the soreness and redness on my earlobes. Plus the added protection of keeping infection at bay that the ointment delivers. For earrings with separate back piece, you can spread the ointment lightly too. The cream/ointment will keep any icky leakage away that tends to get crusty when you haven’t worn earrings in a while. You can try this trick as well, worked perfectly for me.

It is particularly important not to put too much nail polish, because this will make it much more difficult to insert the earrings. For strictly aesthetic reasons it is also recommended to only apply the polish over the area that goes into the ear, but once applied successfully the process gets easier with each attempt. Speaking of which, although the soreness is guaranteed to vanish it will be necessary to reapply nail polish in the same manner over time.

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