Doctor Reveals Simple Treatment for Vertigo that Works Instantly

When the room is spinning it can cause you to fall, get sick or send you straight to bed, but there’s a simple technique that you can do to fix the problem without leaving the house.

Vertigo can be a devastating problem that is more than just uncomfortable; it’s incapacitating, too. For years I’ve had a reoccurring problem that has caused many, many sick days from work and left me too drained to do much around the house.

While scanning the internet, I found this simple solution that gets to the core of the problem. It’s not a pill or other special herbal remedy, but a mechanical one you can do at home.

vertigo natural treatment
Dr. Foster created the technique to help with her own vertigo. She first looked at the cause, a build-up of particles in the canals and then worked on a technique that you can do at home to dislodge these particles, so they don’t cause that spinning feeling.

It’s a matter of dislodging them and removing them out of the canal. To do this, you simply have to follow a procedure outlined in the video.

Before we go any further, let me make it clear that it’s a simple movement, but extremely hard to do because of the pain and dizziness you undergo while it’s working.

I had to do it several times before I could complete the entire process. Each time it got easier, and finally, the vertigo went away. While it was unpleasant the first few times, I weighed the benefits and decided a few minutes of discomfort was worth it if it could eliminate the days of agony I’d spent.

IT WORKS—so yes, it’s definitely worth continuing to forge ahead. Feel free to stop any time it feels unbearable and start up later. I actually took a half day before I tried it the second time, so go at your own pace. By the third and fourth time, I only took a few minutes of break time.

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Credit: University of Colorado Denver

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