How to Wear RED Lipstick

How to wear red LIPSTICK: Choose the right shade of red

A RED LIPSTICK actually makes a strong statement if you choose the right color of red lipstick. You may wonder why red lipstick never go out of style, RED is still hot for summer, spring, fall even winter and it’s creating a fashion statement all over the map from the meeting room to the Paris runways.

Nothing more can liven up your face other than radiantly colored lips but then, red lips that are extremely brilliant can look a bit overwhelming. That’s why we need to take precaution when applying red lipstick.

But the secret of pulling off this kind of look is to keep your makeup clean and simple. Once you boldly accentuate your lips, going overboard with your eye make up and blush will make you look like a clown so if you wear a bright bold color lipstick, your lips should be the main focus on your face.

So stay away from eyeliner and just apply the mascara while dusting your face with powder and soft blush your cheeks and one extra tip, paint your nails in red to match your lips.

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