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What is a Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing has gained so much popularity these days that not only women embrace this procedure. Surprisingly, there are a great number of men who are also hooked into this popular in-thing. There has been evidenced that Brazilian waxing originated thousands of years ago in ancient cultures such as, Persia, Greece and India.

There are some who confused bikini waxing with Brazilian waxing but there is a big difference between the two. While Bikini waxing removes the hair that is visible around the bikini area, the Brazilian waxing removes all of the hair from the genital region.

show me a brazilian bikini wax

Bikini Waxing is a great method of hair removal if waxing is first time to you. It involves the application of warm wax to the area covering the bikini line. A strip of cloth is pressed on top of the skin where the wax has been applied. The cloth is then ripped off opposing the direction of the hair growth thus removing the hair and the roots. By having this procedure, women have the freedom to wear skimpy swimwear and lingerie without worrying about that unsightly hair.

full brazilian bikini wax

Brazilian Waxing focuses on the genital area and involves the removal of hair from the areas around the vagina, perineum and anus. First step on Brazilian waxing is covering the entire genital area with talcum powder, and then applying wax on the genital area. A strip of cloth is pressed on top of the skin and then ripped off against the direction of the hair growth same with bikini waxing. Brazilian waxing does not guarantee a complete hair removal of hair from the genital region, so while others prefer to leave a ‘landing strip’ of hair above the vagina, some prefers removing those stray hairs with a pair of tweezers one by one.

Brazilian Wax Video

Procedures for Brazilian waxing entail you to be a semi contortionist. This style involves you adopting with various positions. Such positions includes; holding your legs up in the air, to the side, over the therapist’s shoulder and any position necessary in order for the therapist to get all the hair removed. The pubic hair needs be about a quarter inch in length before undergoing Brazilian waxing. It is necessary for the therapist to trim it down to this length before the wax is applied. A lotion is applied to the waxed area after all the hair has been removed. It will help soothe and cool the skin.

Brazilian Wax Job

There are many advantages of Brazilian waxing. To name a few, this procedure lasts between 3 – 5 weeks. You can wear revealing lingerie and swimwear without the need to worry about unsightly hair. It is very hygienic, relatively inexpensive and it takes just 30 minutes of your time. Plus it adds passionate desire for woman to have more intense orgasms and more satisfying oral sex to men.

While there are a lot of advantages, there is also one disadvantage of Brazilian waxing. This procedure is really very painful however the pain is said to lessen with subsequent Brazilian waxing. It is opt to start bikini waxing first before moving onto Brazilian waxing if you are in doubt. While you can do the waxing on your own with a home waxing kit, it is still best if waxing is done by a professional in a salon.

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