My Secret Exercise to a Tiny Waste

I was interested in seeing this video since I don’t have a tiny waist, but not a big one either. After watching just a few minutes, I realized that this was very similar to the exercise I used to do as a teen every morning after showering.

It only took a few moments, and I had a super flat stomach that I could pull in so that it only looked like a few inches thick from the side.

The video did the exercise far differently than I did, but I know it worked the same muscle groups and ultimately had the same effect. What I couldn’t figure out was why I ever stopped doing.


While I loved one of the ways shown in the video to get the great results of a tiny waist fast. I knew it could be done at my leisure, which doesn’t happen very often and most people call bedtime.

You don’t have to stand up to do it or even move, so if you share a bed, you won’t disturb your partner. It requires taking a deep breath first and then just the isometric exercise of holding your stomach in as tight as possible.

My Tummy Flattening Formula:

Both of the exercises shown suggest inhaling deeply. My tummy flattening formula was very different in this case. I’d bend over with my hands on the floor or top of my thighs and blow as much air out of my lungs as possible, then suck in my tummy as tight as possible holding it in as I stood up.

How to do a Stomach Vacuum

It made me look like there was just a concave bowl where my stomach used to be. Of course, you can’t hold it long, or you’d turn blue from lack of oxygen, but a few seconds can be quite a workout.

While I want a smaller waist, I also love how strengthening your stomach muscles can relieve back pain. Guess it’s time to get back in the routine, and I’m starting with the bed exercise. Let’s hope I don’t fall sound asleep before I get a chance to do it.

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