What Happens With Your Body When You Eat Ripe Bananas with Dark Spots?

Eating healthy on a budget often means finding bargains that may be perfectly nourishing, but not that attractive. Slicing a banana on your oatmeal in the morning may be part of your health regimen to provide potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and many other nutrients.

If you’ve ever considered buying a manager’s special on fruit that was ripe and had dark spots, but worried it might not be as nutritious, reconsider now. Not only do these bananas have all the same nutrients as their bright yellow counterparts, but they also contain more of one substance, TNF—Tumor Necrosis Factor.
Ripe bananas with dark spots

What is TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor)?
TNF is a potent foe to abnormal cells in the body. In fact, the more brown spots you see on bananas, the more they enhance your immune system, unless the skin is completely brown, then the banana loses nutrients.

Japanese scientists researched the TNF found in bananas and found that this substance can help fight serious conditions, including cancer. It’s no wonder bananas are so popular in Japan. As the fruit ripens, the banana produces more TNF, so those manager specials are a super bargain, offering a lower price and higher potency of TNF.

The banana contains antioxidants that increase as the fruit ripens. It’s a slow process, but consistent the darker the outside gets. When the banana has fully ripened, it’s also easier to digest since the spots on the skin create simple sugar.

The study in Japan compared the health benefits of several types of fruit. Besides bananas, the researchers looked at pears, persimmons, watermelon, apples and grapes. While all the fruit had some benefit for the body, they all paled in comparison to the ripe banana that provided the most benefit.

Boost Immunity
Not only does the ripe banana produce more TNF, but it also boosts immunity and the production of white blood cells. While an apple a day might keep the doctor away, a banana or two a day will also play a huge role and even help fight colds, flu, and other diseases everyone tries to avoid.

Pass on those beautiful fresh bananas and opt for those with dark spots that have 8 times more TNF-alpha that jump starts your immune system. TNF is also secreted by cells in the immune system and is a cytokine, which can affect other cells. It has powers to fight abnormal cells. Studies show that TNF increases dramatically as the number of dark spots increase, before the entire peel turning brown.

Some researchers compare bananas to the chemical substance Lentinan. Lentinan is an immunostimulant that when given intravenously, is an anti-cancer treatment. The TNF in bananas does the same and by stimulating the body to produce white blood cells, aid in preventing cell mutation.

Here’re Some of the Incredible Things Bananas Can Do for our Body

  1. Blood Pressure
    The potassium and low amounts of sodium in bananas help to lower your blood pressure and protect you against strokes and heart attacks.
  2. Energy
    Bananas are calorie dense and are a great snack before your workout. The vitamins, minerals, and glycemic carbohydrates will give your body the energy that it needs, and the potassium will also help prevent muscle cramps.
  3. Heartburn
    Need an antacid? Why not use an all-natural delicious solution? That’s right; bananas can provide the soothing relief that you need when you experience heartburn.
  4. Depression
    Bananas can help you fight depression because of its tryptophan, which helps boost your serotonin levels.
  5. Constipation
    Bananas have plenty of fibre to assist you with your bowel movements!
  6. Nerves/PMS
    Feeling irritable or stressed out? Bananas are rich in B vitamins, which can help you calm your nerves.

If you have ripe bananas at home that you can’t use right away, store them in your refrigerator before they ripen to the point of losing nutrients. Once their skin is completely brown or split, the health benefits diminish.

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