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I can’t even imagine going out without polishing my nails, and I hardly think about how annoying it is to remove it. What goes around comes around, and I was never under the illusion that eventually I will not have to take a half an hour to swipe the nail polish off. What I have recently discovered is an excellent solution for pushing this process into overdrive and removing the polish in less than 5 min. hassle-free.

I know that it sounds too good to be true to cut down the time from 30 minutes to five, but with the proper equipment and the know-how it can be done. Nothing can be achieved without polish remover but equally important are the cotton balls, which only seem like a wild departure from traditional buds or tissues. Since they are just as easy to acquire and inexpensive, not to mention that a single ball is sufficient, there is absolutely no downside to using them instead of the aforesaid products.

Contrary to popular belief, these balls can be in fact broken down into two strips and these can be further torn apart into tiny bits. A single cotton ball is enough to cover all 10 nails and you will even have a couple of extra bits that can be later used for cleaning any leftovers of polish.

The next step is to dip them into the polish remover and then apply them on your nails, where they are supposed to stay for roughly 2 minutes. Once removed from the nails they will leave only tiny spots covered with nail polish that can be cleaned with the extra cotton bits in less than a minute.

1Unravel the cotton ball into a strip and split it into tiny nail-sized pieces
2 Pour nail polish remover into a tiny container or use it’s own lid
3 Dip the cotton ball slightly into the nail polish remover ( don’t dip it thoroughly as the remover could travel up to the cotton easily).
4Place the wet cotton ball on your nails making sure it covers the whole area and let it sit for 2 minutes.
5 Repeat the process to all your fingernails, one hand at a time. Press the cotton ball firmly with your thumb from nail bed to nail tip to wipe off the nail polish and watch the nail polish magically wipe off.
6Enjoy your clean nails

Don’t use a tissue when removing nail polish, ideally use a cotton ball as it is softer on your digits and has the ability to soak up remover better.

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