Heal Acne and Reduce Dark Spots Naturally | Quick and Effective Natural Skin Lightening

5 Minutes + 2 Ingredients = Reduce Dark Spots and Wrinkles

Whether you’re a mass of freckles after having fun in the sun, have dark blotchy hyper-pigmented areas or want your skin to look bright and radiant, lightening it can help you.

Rather than use over-the-counter or prescription drugs that can create even more problems or contain harsh ingredients that may carcinogenic, consider natural whiteners that not only are as effective but also save you a bundle of money, since many of them are readily available or you already have them in your refrigerator or pantry.

lemon to lighten dark spots

You may be paying for that summer of fun with dry skin too. I know I am. UGH, it’s just the worse, particularly in the dry, heated indoor air of winter. So, finding something that not only got rid of the uneven tanning and dark spots, which also leaves the skin moist and soft is extremely important to me.

That’s Why this DIY is Such a Relief:

Again, turning to commercial products is no longer an option now that I know they aren’t what I want on my skin. I also want something simple and quick. I don’t have the time to spend hours on any beauty regimen. It has to be quick and get me out the door, onto the next project.

After searching for a while, I landed on the solution that suited not only my beliefs but my needs, too. It was natural, inexpensive and only took five minutes. Best of all, it worked and had the science behind it to convince me.

I know what you did this summer, and you should have worn a bigger hat.

Woohoo! It provides a one/two combo that lightens the skin, evens it out and moisturizes at the same time. It’s a combination of lemon juice and honey.

The Easiest Natural DIY's I've Tried & It Works

First of all, the hyper-pigmentation, those dark spots, are signs that you’ve spent too much time in the sun and caused damage. The body increases the melanin production, which creates the dark spots, to help protect that area.

One sure way to remove that dark skin is through exfoliation.
Exfoliation removes the upper layer of dead cells and revealing lighter skin underneath. Little by little those dark patches fade, as undamaged skin replaces the ones with sun damage and heavier pigmentation.

Lemon Juice
The lemon juice is the perfect exfoliate. It’ contains citric acid, which is an Alpha hydroxy acid (a natural acid found in foods such as sour milk, sugar cane, grapes and citrus fruits.)

You may have seen expensive beauty products prominently stating it as one of the ingredients. I know it used to attract my eye until I found out it wasn’t some mysterious treatment but was in many foods.

The citric acid is a powerful exfoliator that removes the dead skin, dissolving it, allowing the lighter new skin to show. It also improves circulation, which aids in new cell growth.

How to Do It:

  • Simply cut the lemon down the middle, add few drops of raw honey. Hold it by the rind and gently rub your face all over with the fleshy part.
  • Rinse off the juice after five minutes and then use magic ingredient number two, raw honey. .
  • Apply the 2nd step if you’re in the shower otherwise, you’re done and good to go.

lemon for skin lightening

Raw Honey
Honey is a humectant. Which means it draws moisture to the skin, rather than just sealing it into the skin like creams. It also is antibacterial, so it’s great for acne. You can leave the honey on your skin for as long as 20 minutes.

honey for skin moisturizer

Steaming (Optional)
Steam will add a new dimension to the whole treatment, so sometimes I combine it with a shower, particularly on rushed mornings.

Extra Tip:

I put the lemon juice once the shower is running and warming the room with steam, allowing the steam to do its wonders the last few minutes.

Applying the honey in the shower means any drips are automatically cleaned up by the running water. Right before I’m done, I rinse. It saves time and effort but leaves my skin silky soft and glowing.


With regular use, this two-step treatment can improve skin texture, as well as reduce brown spots and wrinkles—but only if you continue to protect your skin from the sun. Don’t forget to use sunscreen after starting this beauty treat.

The new skin needs it to prevent the problem dark areas from reoccurring. You can find some great natural sunscreens or make your own. Some ingredients for DIY sunblocks, such as carrot seed oil and raspberry seed oil, have a high natural SPF rating.

Watch the Video Below Using a Lemon Honey Facial Mask

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