How to Reduce Static Without Using Dryer Sheets | Green Alternative to Commercial Dryer Sheets

Not everyone knows about this trick, in fact following this shortcut can save you time and money. And there is science behind it. It’s as simple as crumpling some aluminum foil into a ball, and add 2 or 3 balls into your dryer.

Although, it won’t give your clothes that scent that dryer sheets do, but it DOES cut a lot of the static away from your clothes, which is at least the main reason we use dryer sheets. But how does it work? Easy – it all comes down to ions. Aside from that, it will work for 6 months without being replaced.


The Good:

  • No more toxic chemicals hanging onto your “clean” clothes
  • Less dryer sheets in the landfill
  • Saves Money – foil balls can be made cheaply, reused and last for 6 months

What causes static electricity in the first place is run away ions as aluminum is a very good conductor that it simply discharges any of the static in your dryer, instead of allowing it to build up on the clothing. Aluminum foil dryer balls are a green alternative to commercial dryer sheets or liquid fabric softener.

While in the dryer, they absorb electrical charges so your clothes stay static free. They also tumble happily with your laundry, softening it as it drys. But do they actually work?

Another alternative is the tennis ball or wool dryer balls, but those don’t work on static, only on speeding up drying time and making clothes fluffy.

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