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Top 5 Safe Ingredients for Skin Whitening / Michael Jackson Skin Bleaching

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Michael Jackson Skin Bleaching / Top 5 Safe Ingredients For Skin Whitening –   The markets today are swamped with whitening products which promise to high heavens that could lighten your skin effectively. Some consumers are so obsessed in getting a white skin tone they even tend to take some drastic moves to change their color.

Similar to how people are fascinated with the life story of Michael Jackson because of his controversial lifestyle. Though some people are dubious with his image but for many, he is the King of Pop whom his legacy will remain forever especially his music and dance techniques.

He was born with dark skin but he metamorphosed his skin into lighter tone while engaging in multiple expensive surgeries regardless of his African American roots. His pursuit of having a white pelt was totally different that’s why you need to pay attention before applying his method of bleaching techniques.

Hydroquinone is regarded to be exceedingly effective bleaching agent but because its properties can lead you to cancer, the FDA bans the use of that product. Yet, if you are obsessed of getting a lighter skin, you can choose some alternatives available which are safer compare to Hydroquinone.

Here are the lists of Top 5 safe Ingredients to whiten your skin:

a.) Vitamin C – has a potent ingredient that helps synthesizing collagen in your body thus it also repress the aging skin.

b.) Licorice – has an effective ingredient that controls UV-B induced pigmentation

c.) Arbutin – has a safe ingredients because it doesn’t have adverse effects compare to Hydroquinone

d.) Kojic Acid – this is the one of the most effective bleaching agents as it controls or blocks the production of Melanin in our body.

e.) Vitamin A – this element is useful for damage pelt complications such as hyper pigmentation, vitiligo, melasma and skin infections.

Skin Bleaching need to be done with extra care and careful precautions. It is essential that you must be aware what are the best skin whitening creams with ingredients that are safe and no side effects.

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