Makeup Foundation for Asian Women

How to find the right foundation for Asian skin tone

How to find the right foundation for Asian skin tone

MakeUp Foundation for Asian Women – I know lot of women are struggling to find the right foundation for Asian skin because for some they look like white-washed especially when taking pictures where as using other products bring an unnatural tanned.

In my opinion, it’s kind of difficult to make a sweeping assumption about the perfect foundation for Asian faces where skin tones vary among Asian people. As you know some Asian women have fair skins while some have a darker skin tone.

So the best thing to do is to go check with the cosmetic counter lady to assist you in picking the color that matches and complement your own skin tone. Choosing a foundation with yellow undertone can actually a good choice, although plenty of Asian women thought that wearing pink make up shades can neutralize their natural skin tones.

But as a result, it creates more unnatural and outdated look. Looking for a perfect foundation is about looking for the perfect shade that fits like a glove to make the rest of your make up looks much better.

Remember, applying yellow-based foundation doesn’t make Asian women look more yellow but instead, it brings out a flawless natural look.

In my personal experience, mineral foundation is the best because it is lighter when you apply and you feel like nothing on your face yet it creates a natural glow.

To sum it up, regardless your foundation is matte, liquid, powder or mineral, it is best to use a primer first to attain a flawless finish. Seriously, you will see a big difference as it helps you to reduce pores as well as filling the lines that last longer.

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