Beauty Hack Tested: Instantly Lighten + Detox your Underarms with this Simple Mask

In the past, I’ve encouraged everyone to use charcoal in many ways including as an ingredient in your DIY facial mask and as a teeth whitener. Today, I might be sharing the most excellent activated charcoal application ever!

This new technique involves pairing charcoal powder and honey to lighten your underarms instantly. Who Wouldn’t Want That?

How Does it Works?

Activated Charcoal
It’s essentially an activated charcoal underarm mask. Some say that this mask has powerful detox qualities. We all know that charcoal is the ultimate purifier which can absorb significant amounts of impurities easily.

Because of this, some have utilized the power of charcoal to detox the sweatiest part of our body.

Located in our armpits are lymph nodes that are responsible for filtering toxins. Each morning we put on antiperspirants that prevent us from sweating & properly releasing the toxins. Perhaps it makes sense to do a detox every once in a while to remove those impurities.

Before picking up steam in the beauty world, the dark powdery substance was used internally to treat ailments like venomous snake bites, upset stomachs, and mercury poisoning. This stuff is attracted to the toxins in your body and works hard to pull those toxins out.

Not only is this underarm charcoal mask beneficial, but it could also actually lighten our pits giving us even toned skin all over. Best of all is how fast it works! There’s no waiting for weeks to see the fruit of your consistent labor. Nope, this wonder mask produces a noticeable difference in just one application.

All you do is mix a little honey and charcoal and apply. Once dry, you rinse and get to enjoy tank-top ready arms whenever you please. I’ve seen this mask work with regular honey but consider using manuka honey to enjoy the antibacterial properties. This honey-charcoal combo can also double as a face mask so if you have a little left over, use it on your skin.

I first heard of this beauty hack when someone left a comment mentioning that she was giving this mask a try. After a little hunting, I found a couple of videos that demonstrate just how impressive and effective this treatment is.

Activated Charcoal Paste:

  • 1 Tbsp Honey
  • 1 Tsp Activated Charcoal (you can get this at Sprouts or at Drugstores or




To see the best results, you have to apply the activated charcoal mixture for up to 20 minutes, repeatedly for several weeks. You can purchase the charcoal in capsule form and loose powder form.

Please Watch the Video Below

credit: Bryana

credit: Jasmin

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