Hydrating Facial Mist For Oily Skin

One of the most delicate parts of our body is our skin. The skin of the face is even more sensitive than that of other areas of our body and requires a cleansing method as well as a hydrating method.

That is more natural to escape from the heavy chemicals that are rampant in makeup and moisturizers today.

Cleansing and toning the skin is imperative, particularly if you wear makeup, as most of us do. Before and after using makeup, cleansing, moisturizing and then toning the skin of the face is important.

There is one further step that you can take to help your skin to look its best.

A hydrating mist is an essential in beauty regimens, used to set the makeup after it is used and to give it that porcelain-like texture that is so attractive.

It helps the powder to settle but also to float slightly above the skin so that it is not exaggerating the creases that are part of everyone’s features.

The favorite misting agent of the people in the know? Coconut water. I am a strong believer on hydrating facial mist after makeup application to allow the powder to settle into the skin.

To make fresh coconut water all that you require are three simple ingredients.

Yes, fresh coconut water (not that shelf-stable concentrated stuff) is deeply hydrating (without any greasiness), and contains plant growth hormones called cytokinins. Cytokinins encourage tissue cell growth, making coconut water a secret ingredient for anti-aging.

This special concoction is a mixture of coconut water, witch hazel, and rosewater – making it particularly appropriate for hydrating oily, acne-prone skin while also being gentle to skin sensitivities.

Hydrating Facial Mist For Oily Skin

  • 4 parts coconut water (I recommend fresh from the coconut)
  • 1 part witch hazel
  • 1 part rosewater ( or you can make it yourself)


To make the coconut facial hydrating mixture, simply combine the ingredients in a spray mister and shake it. Spray as needed – I like to spray after applying moisturizer and again after applying makeup.

If you store the hydrating spray in the refrigerator, it will be more invigorating and will last up to 2 months.

Why These Ingredients
What makes coconut water so special? Coconut is very hydrating, sinking deeply into the skin without adding a greasy feeling despite the fat in the coconut.

It contains cytokinins that help to repair the skin, encourage the growth and repair of the cells and helps to prevent the aging process of your skin.

Witch hazel acts as a toner and helps to prepare the skin for the hydration by closing the pores.

In addition to the toning that is accomplished by the witch hazel, the rosewater tones too are remarkably gentle and act as a hydration measure as well as closing the pores.

The three ingredients together offer a solid foundation for your makeup. Use it before your makeup is applied and then again after it is in place.

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