How To Use a Foundation Primer

How to use a Foundation Primer / What a Primer Can Do For Your Foundation Makeup

How to use a foundation primer

How to use a Foundation Primer – From my earlier post, we were talking about how to choose make up foundation that blends well with your skin tone. But according to some experts, it is best to use a foundation primer prior to your make up application.

But do you know how a foundation primer can do wonders on your face? As a matter of fact, a primer which acts as a make-up base is the key to make your skin ready for the application of foundation, as it smoothes out the wrinkles or fine lines and reduces the appearance of larger pores by slightly filling in uneven skin texture creating an even, flat canvas.

In addition if you have an oily skin type, using a primer can actually reduce shininess from your face plus it can even out blemishes and skin tone once you apply a color-correcting primer.

One more point why I love using primer is the ability of the product to keep your make up at bay particularly in hot weather thus keeping you from re-touching throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you have oily or dry skin, as it works both in absorbing the excess oil that our skin normally produces at the same time, trapping the moisture to keep our face hydrated all day.

So bear in mind before applying your make up during your morning routine, make a point to apply a primer to get that smooth, even finished face.

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