How To Reduce Blemishes on your Face

How To Reduce Blemishes on your Face

How to reduce blemishes on face

How To Reduce Blemishes on your Face – My husband who is a Korean noticed that my skin is getting clearer these days. As you know, mostly Korean especially Japanese women are noted for their unblemished flawless skin. Well, I guess my daily bathroom ceremonies are already paying off after weeks of religiously following the advice from my dear friend who is also a Korean.

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Anyway, first of all let me give you some insight what Blemishes stand for. Blemishes are marks or pigmentation on the skin due to pimples, boils, acne, rashes, itching or some other skin problem that leave dark spots on your face.

There are some blemishes that are actually too dark and too obvious that resulted to deface the beauty of a person plus it’s hard to conceal it even by makeup. Though some try to hide these imperfections with makeup foundation or concealer yet it is only a short-lived solution.

Plenty of people opted for a laser therapy to reduce their blemishes but actually, there are things we can find in our kitchen that are useful in reducing blemishes on your face like what I did.

I was totally clueless about what is available in our kitchen that could really help reduce blemishes on my face. As a matter of fact, this tip I got it from a Korean friend I’ve mentioned earlier who has an enviably clearer skin.

So after bugging her to unveil the secrets in maintaining her flawless skin, she told me to use lemon juice while mixing it with a bit of sugar and rub it gently on your face leaving it on the skin for at least 10 minutes maximum. For me, I leave it until it dries up and rinse it thoroughly. I been doing this routine every day for a month and I was amazed how the lemon did wonder on my face.

There is one point that I need to share with you as well.

Make an almond paste by soaking almonds in water overnight, once it soaked up with water, you can create an almond paste the next day while adding some honey and lemon juice.

Apply it on your face daily for at least 15 minutes to get a better clearer looking skin like me.

Try it, it really works.

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