How To Make Your Strawberries Last Longer

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I love strawberry season. To me it’s like a trumpet, announcing to the world that the fresh produce of summer is on the way. It also comes with companions, like asparagus, which are scrumptious. We have a garden with strawberries, but its young and there are few plants, so I always supplement with store bought or even the You-pick berries at a local farm.

Invariably, my appetite for this delectable bounty far exceeds the actual time I have to store them, use them fresh or make strawberry jam or preserves. I always end up pitching a quart or two because of mold. Even when I buy one quart from the grocery, sometimes that occurs very quickly.

strawberries to last longer

I found a way to make the berries last far longer, giving me time to freeze, process or eat them before they become moldy. It’s simple, quick and low cost. I wish I’d have thought of it myself, but instead saw it online a few years ago, but just tried it this season. By now, if you’re a frequent reader, you know how fond I am of vinegar for a multitude of uses and I think that’s what caught my eye originally.

The key is to kill mold spores on the strawberries and vinegar does that easily. In fact, I tested it by buying two containers of berries from the store. I washed both and washed their container to reuse them for storing the berries and dried them. I then drained the “control” batch. Before I drained my “test” batch I soaked it for two to three minutes in a vinegar solution.

I used some berries from each container for meals and found this really worked. Before the last berries were used, which was almost two weeks later, the few remaining berries in the control group had a bit of mold. The berries in the test group were still looking great.

How to Do it:
As I said, the recipe is easy, you use ten parts of water to one part vinegar. If you’re soaking a quart of strawberries, ½ cup of vinegar and five cups of water would do the trick! After I soaked them, I put them in the drainer without rinsing them.

I don’t think it would hurt if you did, but it’s not necessary since these berries had no hint of vinegary taste. Even though I used strawberries for my experiment, this works for every type of berry, lengthening the shelf life as long as you store them in the refrigerator or other cool area.

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