How to Make a Vanilla Lavender Bath Salt

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I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a sucker for perfumes, and a beautiful fragrance will make my day, and I’m equally keen on taking hot baths. I guess these two passions led me to the discovery of the vanilla lavender bath salts, and after experimenting with them, I think that this might be the best invention since their wheel. I am quite surprised that such an extraordinary product is not a commercial hit, but given the fact that it’s so easy to prepare, I couldn’t care less.

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a bath after spending long hours at the office, and no matter how hectic my schedule might be, I always find the hours to spend some quality time in the bath. By adding a little vanilla lavender bath salts into the mix, the experience is further enhanced and until the water gets cold, nothing can extract me from this sanctuary. With the soft smell of lavender filling the air and the vanilla reminding me of those hot summer days when I enjoyed my favorite ice cream, I can hardly find a better place to be.

I stumbled this great homemade lavender bath salt recipe and I simply adore how simple and effortless this DIY project was.

[bannerzon align=”none” banner_id=”2515″] The bath salts also acting as water softeners, so don’t be surprised if after taking a bath with vanilla lavender bath salt you will feel a bit slippery, because this is the natural effect of soft water. I discovered with satisfaction that by adding this mixture into the water, it also helps with exfoliation and those patches of calloused skin get softer.

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