How to Get a Slimmer Face in 3 Minutes

Sometimes I watch videos just to be the Devil’s advocate and make fun of what they’re saying. That’s mean, I know, but I’ve ended up finding some great ways to help myself by doing this.

That’s what happened when I watched this video on a facial massage.

facelift massage

Slimmer face massage

I followed the video at home, mimicking everything she was doing, expecting another letdown, but was pleasantly surprised to find this worked. I felt fantastic when I was done and looked even better.

Needless to say, I marked this video in my favorites and followed it whenever I felt I needed a stress relief, wanted to pamper myself or had some sinus or facial pain.

I even use it the day of a big evening out to refresh my skin and give it a glow.

I watched this one so often; I finally took quick notes on the steps. Now I carry that with me and don’t need to be tied to the video to give myself a quick facial massage. In under five minutes, I’m ready for anything.

The pressure created by the massage technique helps move blood through congested areas, causing new blood to flow in.

That boost in circulation is what gets you glowing, but other benefits include improved skin tone and muscle contouring an instant headache, neck tension, and stress relief; alleviating nervous disorders and correcting liver and gallbladder imbalances.


Start with one glass of water before massaging. But not right before going to bed because it can cause puffiness.

slimmer face massage

Why Drink Water?

  • Water hydrates the skin
  • Smothens lymph flow
  • Massages become more effective
  • De-puffing massages result to a smaller, slimmer face

Now take any facial cream and apply evenly on your face. Gently use your finger to spread the cream in circular and upward motion for a face lift.

facelift massage

There are 3 Major Points to Go Through

  1. Temples
  2. Behind your Earlobes
  3. Collar Bones

First, start on your check area, press and go up and out towards your temple and press there for about 3 to 5 seconds. Keeping that pressure down behind your earlobes. Press a few seconds again and then slide down to your collarbones.

Repeat this routine about 5 times, usually making the starting point lower towards the jawline.

facelift massage

Use medium pressure, feel as if you’re pushing the toxins out of your face and into the lymph nodes. The waste materials are then filtered out and disposed of, so it is important to use pressure and bring what you collected along the way down to the collarbones to drain it. These face massages help drain lymph nodes restoring balance to your contour reducing water retention in your face.

Next step, pull your fingers on your collarbones for a few seconds longer for best effect.

facelift massage

Finally, rest a steam towel on your face for about 15 seconds and gently remove the cream to finish.

Doing this facial massage will not only help for bloating (means slimmer face), but for blood circulation, relaxation and relieving stress. Do this routine 2 – 3 times a week for best results.

Watch the Video Here:

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