How to Fix Shattered or Broken Eyeshadows

If you’ve ever thrown out eyeshadow because it broke into pieces or tried to use the small scraps left in the tray, you’ll never have to do that again.

There’s an easy way to fix not only broken eyeshadow but also blushes and bronzers too.

Best of all, this sure cure for your mangled makeup is quick and easy, saving you plenty of money as well as shopping time.


You’ll Need:

  • alcohol (preferably 70% or higher)
  • broken eyeshadow
  • wooden stick

You’ll Need:

  • You don’t need much more than some rubbing alcohol, the broken shadow and a way to smash up the already broken makeup into a powder.

    A spoon back can work, but so can a cuticle stick, pen or pencil. While breaking the eyeshadow further may seem like an exercise in futility, it actually makes the makeup easier to repair.

  • Put the eyeshadow dust you created back into the original tray and add just a bit of alcohol to saturate all the dust.

    Use your finger, the back of a cuticle stick or a spoon to flatten it out and pack it tight.

    If you have a q-tip available, use it to clean the edges of the shadow tray of any overflow.

  • Allow the shadow to dry and harden completely. It will take several hours but when done, will be like having brand new makeup.

    While this works to repair shadow, I may use it to mix colors together from almost empty trays to see if I can make my own stunning shade that no one else will have.

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