Fix Dried Out Mascara With These Easy Tricks

You can extend the life of your mascara even after you thought there was nothing left in the tube. This super easy trick can help you revive not only your old mascara but also any liquid eyeliner no longer draw lines.

how to fix dried out mascara

how to fix dried out mascara

Getting your old mascara back to a useful life is easy if you have saline eye drops. Make sure they’re not the type that has hydrogen peroxide, but just a pure saline solution.

The type with peroxide causes fizzing, just like it does on a cut. That fizzing can ruin the mascara’s consistency. You could revive mascara with other ingredients, such as baby oil or even Vaseline, but saline solution is the safest route to take.

Even though this almost magic trick works well, it’s won’t produce miracles. If your mascara has been dried and useless for over six months, it’s passed the point of help.

how to fix dried out mascara

While you may be able to revive it, it may not be good anymore or even healthy to use. Just like the best by date of food, makeup has a best by its date too.

Makeup’s date isn’t really a date, but instead a small coding such as 6M or 12M with the M standing for the number of months.

While it won’t be smelly like bad food (although some liquid makeup sometimes is), it’s better to throw it away rather than taking a chance using it, particularly when it’s used such a sensitive area as the eyes.

How to Fix Dried Mascara:

Method 1:

  • Pour 10 drops of eye drops (or 5 drops of contact lens solution or saline solution ) in the mascara tube.
  • Then close the wand tightly and start a good shake (or roll it well in your hands).
  • Now use the mascara to coat your eyelashes.

how to fix dried out mascara

Method 2:

  • Boil some water enough to cover the mascara tube.
  • Once the water starts to boil, place the mascara tube in the water and simmer the flame and wait for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Then, take the mascara off from the water and check if the mascara has loosened or not.
  • If its still dry, you can add few drops of coconut oil into the mascara tube and close the wand.
  • Shake it well and swirl the contents of the wand and apply it to your eyes as usual.

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