How To Depot Your Lipstick – Depotting your Lipstick

I just want to show you guys on how to create your own lipstick palette like the pictures below. If you travel a lot or if you are a makeup artist and you want to put your lipstick in one spot, you don’t have to pull out every single lipstick and put them on your makeup bag.


Doing this, you can mix and match the colors or perhaps just de-pot them in one container to make them handy. This is a clever way to organize your lipstick collection and to create a palette like professionals do.

I own a fair amount of lipstick and it’s kind of bothersome not to see all the shades that I want. Like turning them topsy-turvy in order to read the shades while opening and closing the heap of lids until finally, I found something I really want.

I bet you can relate to this kind of feeling – therefore depotting them in one palette or container indicates all the shades of lippy are there for you to see in a flash.


So, look out for colors and figure out which one you need. It’s just easier to have them all in one spot. Now we can travel with more varieties of lipstick but in something smaller. Less space = more stuffs.

You can buy the empty lipstick palette in Amazon or you can use empty pill boxes that you can find in drugstores.


The first thing to do is to take your favorite lipstick out, it doesn’t matter which color do you want, you need a clean knife (just rub some alcohol on it to sanitize) and cut the lipstick from the bottom.

You just need half of the lipstick, you don’t need a whole one and will still be able to use the leftover lipstick as normal.

So, I’m cutting it in half here and just take your other (remaining) lipstick and melt the bottom part over the candle just for a split second as it melts really quickly and put the other half back on and put the lipstick in the fridge or the freezer to have them melt back together and you can use the lipstick as usual.


Next, take the part that you’ve cut and put it on the spoon and hold it over a candle and melt it down. Be patient with it because it will take a little while to melt. Just keep it over the flame until completely liquefied.

Make sure when you are melting the lippie, don’t put the spoon too close to the flame because it will start to burn the lipstick. Make it slowly melted. You can move the spoon around a little to make sure it doesn’t stick.


Grab your palette and slowly pour it down right into the well or empty pan. Don’t pour all the way, the reason its because once it’s in there, the melted mixture will start to expand a little bit and it’s easy to overfill it.

Let it sit to cool down. Use a clean napkin or tissue to wipe it off and you can do the next color.

Use Kleenex to clean the edges. This is our new lipstick palette, you can get your own color combo together using this method.

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