She Nearly Threw Her Dirty Baking Sheets into the Trash Until She Discovered This Cleaning Trick

We’ve all got them buried in the cupboard or stored in some other spot, dirty baking sheets. No, they don’t have crumbs or grease on them, but the baked on the residue of dozens of batches of cookies, sheet cakes, and baked veggies.

You simply start to accept the fact that it’s on there permanently, hoping nobody comes to visit while you’re using them or create an image in your head that an abundance of baked on brown means you’re the Martha Stewart baking specialist for your neighborhood.

cleaning dirty baking sheets pans

Now let me beam you back to reality, nobody thinks that a dirty baking sheet is cool….even though most people have them hidden in their kitchens. You can fix the problem quickly with a little elbow grease, not a lot, and the right cleaning equipment.

The equipment isn’t expensive, like a steam cleaner for an engine, although I have had a friendly mechanic clean the racks of a used oven I purchased with one and it worked like a charm.

This tip uses everyday things you probably already have in your kitchen or can purchase for a dollar at the dollar store, aluminum foil, scouring powder and paper towel.

Here’s what you need to clean your baking sheets and pans:

  • Bon Ami powder (you can try baking soda too, but the Bon Ami is recommended for those icky pans)
  • Aluminum Foil – crumpled up
  • Paper towels
  • Water to make a paste

Follow these super simple steps:

cleaning dirty baking sheets pans

You’ll be proud to display the shiny clean baking sheets, and the best news is that it doesn’t take that long. In fact, in five to ten minutes you can have several, if not all your baking sheets, spotless.

Your family will swear you went out and bought new ones, but you can tell them that it comes from using a lot of elbow grease and hours of endless work.

Sure, you’ll be stretching the truth when you say that, but it will be worth it when you secretly use the free time you saved to do something nice for yourself.

Credit: cleanmama

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