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One aspiring underground Horrorcore genre rapper from California, Richard McCroskey aka Syko Sam was taken into custody last Saturday at International Airport, Virginia following the discovery of 4 bodies in Farmville, Virginia home.

Richard Samuel Mccroskey is being known to rap about the thrill of murder in songs whose lyrics were sluiced with tales of killing people and posted them on the Internet.

It was reported that McCroskey’s MySpace page contained a number of messages from a doting fan Emma Niederbrock from Virginia to whom McCroskey paid a visit last 6th of September.

However, they both went to Michigan along with Emma Niederbrock’s friend last 12th of September to watch one of the Horrorcore show called Strictly the Wicked, with Emma Neiderbrock’a parents drove them to watch the gig. Authorities assumed that after watching the concert, Mccroskey murdered Emma and the 3 others in her home.

Richard Samuel Mccroskey

I guess this tragedy happened not because of his choice of music otherwise people who make horror movies can be tagged as murderer. This is a case where an unsuspicious teenage girls bonded and befriended with a man on the net and made plans to eyeball. The media should pay more attention on the fact that it is dangerous to meet people online instead of the guy’s music.

Oftentimes, some people don’t realize that there will always bad apples in the bunch that ruin things, but that unfortunately is life. I guess Richard Samuel Mccroskey is a sociopath and very troubled young guy who is capable of doing horrifying thing, but not his music. Indeed it’s a tragedy that hopefully will raise awareness to teens who engaged on online dating.

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