Healthy Wear Pressed Powder – My Review


I’ve experienced a love hate relationship by using bronzers for some time. Not entirely persuaded of the importance of using bronzer (for me), I invested in this latest product with indecisiveness.

When considering drug store bronzers, I usually end up getting items that give a dingy, or perhaps rather more serious, an orangish result, which happens to be not too complementing.

Mainly, because I really do miss that charming warmness that bronzers guarantee to provide, I proceeded to go searching for a brand new and much better bronzer. And I found this new Pressed Bronzer from the Physicians Formula line and so far, it delivered a good result.

This gorgeous product packaging not alone piqued my curiosity. However, the persuading marketing factors swayed me away and win my approval to venture the effect.


* Non greasy, healthy wear to help you keep age gracefully

* SPF 50 sunscreen with Antioxidants that aid restores UV damage

* Endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation

* Fast Absorbing, soft and delicately milled

* Long Lasting, Perspiration-Resistant, water-repellent

* Huge array of tones: Light, Fair, Medium, and Tan

So I bought it and must confess, am truly in love with this bronzer. I purchased the Medium shade for I’m just looking for a subdued dainty shimmer. I ended up using it for a couple of days, which is apparently not quite sufficient to gauge much beyond the makeup’s visible aspect. I cannot safely assume I’ve seen indications that good-for-your-skin factor is working, yet I believe the shade itself delivers a charming natural glow on my skin.

This is not a paid post.

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