Make Your Own Head-to-toe Aloe Vera & Coconut Body Moisturizer

It is this time of the year once again – getting ready for the beach, enjoying long walks in the sun and savoring everything that summer has to offer. You may be in love with the hot months, but your skin is certainly not!

Making sure that it is adequately protected and hydrated in going to be one of your most important responsibilities (besides having the time of your life).


I discovered the secret of making my skin feel gorgeous! It’s velvet-soft and amazing to the touch. Want to know my secret?

It’s in fact quite simple and involving only two natural ingredients – virgin coconut oil and aloe vera gel.

This head to toe moisturizer is perfect for the “thirsty” and dry skin. Coconut nourishes and aloe vera soothes some of the irritation that is so common during the summer. Whether you have spent a bit too much time getting the perfect tan or you are trying to deal with irritating mosquito bites, aloe vera gel is the best natural soother for your skin.

Why These Ingredients
Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is probably one of the most important plants for skin health. Whether you need to get anti-aging effects or proper skin hydration, you should opt for aloe vera gel.

Many cosmetics designed for the purpose cost significant amounts and they contain a medley of harmful chemicals on top of the aloe vera extract.

Growing your aloe vera plant is simple, and you can easily extract the gel from its succulent leaves. Once you do that, you are ready to create any moisturizer or soothing lotion.

Aloe vera gel protects the skin against harmful influences on a cellular level. It helps cells retain moisture, and it also has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. This is why aloe vera extract is used in a wide range of remedies for acne and other common skin conditions.

Coconut Oil : Virgin coconut oil is also an amazing product that skin loves. It has antibacterial and antifungal qualities. Coconut oil is one of the most potent natural hydrating substances. It gets absorbed by skin and hair quite fast, leaving them smooth and beautiful.

Coconut oil is an excellent source of saturated fats that skin needs. The lipids help for moisture retention, and they eliminate the loss of water from the skin. Also, coconut oil contains vitamin E that helps for healthy skin growth and prevents premature aging.

Finally, coconut oil provides a range of proteins that keep the skin healthy and assist tissue repair. This is why a combination of coconut oil and aloe vera gel will benefit your skin all summer long.

I made another wonderful discovery about this mix recently – it is also perfect for your hair. When I say head to toe nourishing, I mean it.

Spraying the moisturizer all over before going out will give you reliable protection against harmful influences, keeping both skin and hair in good condition.

Ingredients you Need:

  • 1 aloe vera leaf (depends the size of the leaf)
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of virgin raw coconut oil (or vegetable glycerin or almond oil)
    (add more or less oil depending on whether you want a more light or intense moisturizer)
  • Spritzing bottle or pumping bottle

Here’s a Trick to Get the Gel

After a quick rinse, you can then squeeze and scrape off the gel – it’s messy fun and what you’ll have is a lovely thick gel. For me, it’s sometimes easier just to plop the whole thing into blender and whizz it up with the vegetable glycerin or coconut oil.


How to Use:
The plant is made of 96% water, so it comes out like a juice, which you can then pour into a spray-bottle and spray onto your body, or onto your hair as a moisturizing treatment. Either way, gel or juice, you are getting all of the benefits!

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