What are the 10 Biggest Hair Care Mistakes

It’s not difficult to imagine a thick, luxurious head of hair, but it might be harder to have one if you don’t treat your hair properly. Hair reacts to the way you wash it, how you style it and even how you dry it. Avoiding ten of the most common mistakes in hair care can change your hair from straggly to spectacular.

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Don’t just brush the ends, start at the roots.

The body is amazing and provides everything you need to be beautiful, but you need to know how to use the benefits it offers. If you’re like many people, you quickly brush the ends of your hair when you’re preparing for the day.

You may even avoid brushing your hair frequently for fear too much brushing causes damage. Nothing could be further from the truth if you brush it starting at the roots with a wooden or bamboo bristle brush.

This type of brushing not only stimulates blood flow to the scalp but also coats the hair shaft with oils from the scalp that acts as natural conditioners.

Avoid brushing hair when it’s wet.

It’s far easier on your hair to brush it before you shower and wash it than afterward when it’s at its most vulnerable and tangles more easily.

Make it one of your rituals to brush it thoroughly before you start your shower. When you’ve finished washing your hair, work conditioner into it with your fingers as you untangle any strands.

The conditioner will help keep it tangle free while you dry it and then you can style it.

Beware of the hot zone, but if it’s necessary, protect your hair

Heat is so hard on damp hair, so many people understand and either air dry or use a cooler setting when they blow dry their hair. Sometimes that’s not always possible, such as those mornings you’ve overslept and simply don’t have the time to wait.

For those days, wrap your hair in a towel or let it air dry as long as possible while you attend to other things, such as makeup. Use the dryer set on cool or warm while it’s slightly damp to speed up the process at the end, but limit the amount of time necessary to dry your hair.

Don’t forget to use a product that protects your hair from the heat, particularly if you’re using any hot roller.

Avoid being too fastidious.

There is such a thing as being too clean when it comes to your hair. You don’t have to was it daily unless you have an excessively oily scalp or perspired heavily.

Washing hair too frequently sucks the life out of each shaft by removing all the natural oils from the scalp. If you wash your hair daily, so your coiffure always looks its best, try rinsing it instead and if necessary, use a bit of conditioner.

The same is true if you’ve just worked out and perspired heavily.

Avoid wasting time on repair and focus on prevention.

No matter how many manufacturers of hair care products tell you their offering can repair split ends, it simply won’t work. Once the damage is done, you can make the damage less noticeable and prevent further damage.

Try using a product containing argan oil or even beeswax to tame the ends. Your efforts should be devoted to preventing the damage before your hair suffers.

Save the hairspray for the finale.

Sometimes you have to break out the curling or straightening iron, but when you do, make sure your hair is hairspray free. Hairspray contains alcohol that instantly evaporates or burns when in contact with heat.

In fact, if you apply it before you use a hot iron, you can hear it sizzle. Wait until after you’ve finished styling to bring out the hairspray.

Your hair hates being teased.

Hair is like many people; it reacts poorly to teasing. While teasing your hair may offer more volume, it comes at a price. Back-combing causes damaged tresses that get worse every time you do it.

Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to achieve height. There are also powder products you can use on dry hair for volume.

How you condition your hair makes a difference.

Using excess conditioner can be bad for the hair, but you do need conditioner to protect your hair, even at the roots. Use a just enough to remove tangles, working it through the hair, down to the scalp.

Add a deep hair treatment to your schedule once a week. A good masque helps promote repair. You do have to insure that you rinse it out thoroughly or it will build up residue in your hair. Periodic use of a clarifying shampoo can prevent this.

Don’t rough your hair up with a towel.

Towel drying your hair is good unless you add extra oomph when you do it. Roughing it up with a towel is counterproductive to all the other good things you do for your hair and may be just as damaging as blow drying it.

Don’t rub your head with the towel, wrap it. You can shake the strands with your fingers afterward. Blotting hair between towel layers helps it dry too.

All this takes more time, but you’ll get a healthier head of hair for your effort.

Shun the hot iron on damp hair.

Emphasizing how vulnerable hair is when wet can’t be done often enough. That’s why using hot curling irons on hair that’s wet is super problematic.

That doesn’t mean you have to give up your trusty hot iron; it just means you shouldn’t use it on wet hair, no matter how tempted you are to hurry the process. Don’t forget to use a product to protect your hair before you use the iron.

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