Foot Wrist and Ankle Tattoos – Small and Cute Tattoos For Girls

Foot, Wrist and Ankle Tattoos – Small and Cute Tattoos For Girls

Nowadays foot tattoos are getting much attention especially for young girls and women alike. With the right colors, designs and execution they can be really attractive, unique and sexy.

Normally, for the first timers to get inked, they opt for small tattoos that often placed on wrist, ankle or foot. Though they look small but these mini works of art don’t necessarily mean they are boring as you can get plenty of colorful and unique designs of your choice.

Foot Tattoos

foot tattoos

Notwithstanding that getting a tattoo involves pain and requires retouching in the future, tattoos became a favorite among girls. So what makes foot tattoo appealing to most girls and women? If you come out with a favorite tat theme, they actually look great as an accent to your foot and can be a joy in a lifetime. I like the idea that there is something interesting and sexy about a foot tattoo flashing out of one’s flip flops or stiletto.

Wrist Tattoos

wrist tattoos
However, wrist tattoos have created interesting ideas and becoming popular among girls too. The most regarded with great favor is the bracelet style of wrist tattoos with the images such as charms bracelets, flowers or knot bands. The most visible tattoo is located on top of the wrist but depends on sizes that range from small to large one which normally extends into the arm or hands. But inner wrist tattoos are more appealing because it is less obvious and can easily be concealed.

Ankle Tattoos

ankle tattoos
Another popular option among girls is Ankle Tattoo as it looks stylish and trendy. It can be prominent particularly when you are wearing sandals or high heels and aside from its dramatic effect, it can really attract attention to a girl’s legs.

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