8 Feminine Hygiene Hacks You Need To Know

Feminine Hygiene Hacks is designed to make being a woman a lot easier. As you know, hygiene is a sensitive topic that needs attention.

It is common for many busy women like you to neglect the simplest decisions and continue certain habits, which may cause havoc to the feminine area.


It’s time to make amends to your own feminine self. Below are some of the easy hacks women should incorporate into their daily busy routine:

8 Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Make your Non-Cotton Underwear Become Cotton-Like

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

If you have lace underwear or any underwear that often makes you feel wet down there, take it out of your underwear drawer.

Take an old cotton shirt that matches the color of your non-cotton underwear. Cut a rectangular piece that fits the crotch area of your non-cotton underwear.

Sew the patch to your non-cotton underwear’s crotch area. This way, you will be dry and comfortable down there all day.

Avoid Wearing Very Tight Pants all day, Every day.

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Tight pants prevent air from circulating properly down there. It is always better to wear comfortable pants or skirts. If you must wear tight pants all day, change into a loose pair when you get home.

Drink Eight to Ten Glasses of Water Daily

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Water helps flush all the toxins that could cause feminine odor.

Organize your Underwear with an Old Kitchen Utensil Tray

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

A utensil tray has compartments that fit folded underwear perfectly. With your underwear folded neatly and presented to you readily, you won’t have any difficulty finding the right underwear anymore.

Wear your Synthetic Underwear Less Often
Synthetic underwear such as nylon prevents air from circulating around your feminine area. It is always best to wear cotton underwear every day to keep yourself dry, cool, and odor-free.

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Fold your Underwear into an Egg Roll
This type of fold makes your underwear look like an egg roll. Spread your underwear on a flat surface and hold it at each end of the elastic.

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Roll from the elastic down to the middle of the underwear. Fold each side of the bundle to the center then fold the crotch up.

Flip the bundle inside and out. This egg roll style of folding your underwear makes you fit more underwear in your bag. It also prevents your underwear from unraveling in your bag.

Use Period Underwear

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

When you have your period, it is best to wear period underwear. The outer layer of this underwear is leak proof. The inner layer has an added layer of protection that absorbs any overflow.

Use Unscented Soap and Feminine Wash

Feminine Hygiene Hacks

Avoid scented soaps and feminine wash. Scented bath products usually cause irritation and itching.

You may be busy, but you should still be able to take good care of yourself. Try these feminine hacks and you will appreciate being a woman more each day.


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