Eye MakeUp Tricks

How to Apply Eye MakeUp

Eye makeup tricks

Eye makeup tricks

I guess these days it’s a common sight for most women to feel and look ragged after a busy day or a late night out. I read these easy make up tricks from Carmindy that can create a look to appear that you’ve got a full 8 hours of sleep even after burning the candle.

Under-eye concealers First and foremost, conceal dark shadows with under-eye concealer and apply it accordingly to the dark spot at the inside corner of your eyes.

Shimmer under brow bone – Slick a little highlighter on the brow bones just below your eyebrows to visually open up our eyes.

Shimmer at inner corners – Apply shimmer in the inner corners of your eyes, this tactic draws light to the inside of your eyes that make it appear more often thus erase the redness.

Blue Eyeliner –  Using a waterproof navy blue eyeliner, draw a line into the inner rims of the lower eyelids, the blue pigment makes the white of the eyes that give certain impression of a whiter and clearer eyes that balances the redness in the lower lids.

Pink blush – Dust a pink blush-on high on the apples, just below the eyes to brighten your face, this can actually create a flushed, fresh look like you just came in from a jog.

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