DIY Waterfall Braid Hair Tutorial

The clothing you choose is a reflection of many things, from your personal taste to the formality of the occasion. Your hair also makes a statement. Comfortable loose locks tend to be more casual with an updo more formal.

A waterfall hair braid, however, fits with almost all occasions. It’s as versatile as it is beautiful. It’s the perfect romantic look for a special occasion with the love of your life, but is a comfortable look with jeans and a T.

Best of all, it’s relaxed and yet keeps the hair perfectly in place, giving you a neat well-coiffed appearance, without looking stuffy or uptight.
waterfall braid hair tutorial

There are many different looks you’ll achieve with the waterfall braids from the basic, almost Camelotian look with a few simple braids to a more sophisticated and intricate look, but one that’s still romantic and stylish.

You don’t have to have long luxurious locks to achieve a fabulous look with the waterfall braid, although it does look dazzling and romantic when you do. You can even use a waterfall braid on shorter hair, adding a new dimension to your hairstyle wardrobe for a change of pace. You may need the help of a little product, but the end results are both stylish and beautiful.

Learning to do the basic waterfall braid may be intimidating, but it’s really not that difficult once you actually try it. You may want to set aside some time to allow yourself a few attempts the first time.

Once you get results, your creative juices will flow, and you’ll find ways to use the technique in other ways for even more exotic looks. It can grace flowing long hair in the back, be looser adding a flowing scalloped look, end in a ponytail, braid or knot of braids or only be on one side. Those ideas are just scratching the surface of possibilities once you learn the technique.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to learn the basic braid and then playing around a bit with your own creation. You’ll start to find that by making the braid tighter or looser, you’ll completely change the style.

The starting and stopping point of the braid and how you finish it off all add to the look, creating a more formal look or one of relaxed comfort.

Just keep scrolling and watch the step-by-step waterfall braid hair tutorial video.

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