Easy Foot Massage Techniques To Stimulate Weight Loss

Activate body’s self-healing power with Foot Massage. To lose weight with foot massage, you need to massage the foot’s thyroid gland and pancreas areas.
The body is a complete circuit and all parts interrelated. There are nerves and lymph connections from one end to the other. Reflexology uses hand and foot massage to stimulate or unblock these energy levels.

It does not heal the body but allows the body to heal itself by unbinding the energy levels or sending a message to the brain to trigger the release of body chemicals or movements that will help a particular area.

Some People Seem to Have All the Luck When It Comes to Weight Loss

Excess weight occurs for some reasons. Some people never have the problem. It is not because of what they eat or how much they eat, but often because of how well their body burns the calories or eliminates the waste. That is where muscle massage can help.

By massaging specific areas of the hands and feet, you will create a trigger to increase the effectiveness of the organs responsible for weight loss, such as the thyroid gland.

It Takes Only Minutes and Is Easy to Do Anywhere

Of course, you would not want to do a foot massage in the middle of a fancy dinner, but you could do a massage on your hand without anyone being the wiser. These simple techniques can be done anywhere and don’t require any time out from your schedule. Once you learn them, you can do them while listening at a meeting, riding to work or watching television.

Foot Pressure Can Stimulate the Thyroid, Stomach, Colon, Kidneys and Bladder
Foot Massage to Stimulate Weight loss

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain a few pounds, using this ancient practice of stimulating the feet can help reduce stress and improve your overall health and wellbeing. It does so by regulating your metabolism and helping control your appetite.

If you have battled with weight for any length of time, you know your thyroid gland plays a significant role in how fast you burn calories. A sluggish thyroid makes it far harder to lose weight. You can stimulate the thyroid gland through massage on the foot at the ball area.

However, you should not stop at that point, because other important pressure points also play a role in weight loss. The stomach, kidneys, colon and bladder help with elimination to get rid of toxins and also make weight loss faster and easier.

Massaging the Hands Is the Easiest Part

Just like your feet, the hands have pressure points that stimulate the organs and send messages to the brain for help. Unlike the feet, you can massage your hands almost any time, anywhere.

You will improve your digestion and elimination to help remove toxins, including those in the liver. You will also be boosting your thyroid in the process.

Reflexology Doesn’t Replace a Healthy Diet
Foot Massage to Stimulate Weight loss

Reflexology doesn’t replace a healthy diet and regular exercise but boosts the effectiveness. You still won’t lose weight if you aren’t eating healthy and eating too many calories, but this simple technique can be a great boost to any weight loss program.

I particularly love the feeling of the massage for the thyroid that works in the area between the thumb and first finger, that little V formed in the connection of the two.

It feels fantastic, particularly after a day of typing. Even if I were not using reflexology to jump start my weight loss, I would continue the hand and foot massage, since they are so relaxing.

To help clear away toxic substances in our body, it’s essential to drink plenty of warm water after the massage.

Watch the easy guide video to learn how to locate the specific areas on your feet.

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