Easy DIY Tinted Lip Balm

I love snow and winter weather but I can’t help but thinking that the cold season will bring much more than festivities and happiness.

For starters, I fear for how my lips will cope with the biting cold and wind, knowing from personal experience that this season is going to dry and crack my lips seemingly beyond redemption.


The first thing that comes to mind is of course the lip balm, so the search for the ultimate product began.

The offer is so generous that you’d think that sooner or later you will inevitably run into a product that meets your expectations to the letter.

Personally, I found the simplest tutorial that doesn’t require any melting just mixing together and I got hooked completely, in fact I’m conducting my own experiment and so far I’m quite satisfied.

The idea of making this tinted lip balm myself sounded far-fetched in the beginning, but the truth is that this operation is much easier than it looks.


All You’ll Need:

Petroleum Jelly – (act as the base)
chunk of Lipstick or Loose Mineral Blush
Favorite Essential Oil – (optional)
Travel Size empty container – (I got mine from the dollar store in the craft section)

Simply put the lipstick or the loose mineral powder and petroleum jelly inside the sealed Ziploc and blend them (you don’t want to get your hands messy).

Rub them altogether outside the Ziploc to thoroughly blend the color and to keep your hands clean.

After mixing the mixture, snip the bottom edge of the Ziploc and pipe the mixture into your travel size container and VOILA! you have an instant tinted lip balm that is subtle and lovely.

You can add your favorite essential oil for extra zing. I added mine with peppermint oil.


I love the way my lips feel when covered with this DIY tinted lip balm, and the satisfaction of knowing that I did it myself is overwhelming.

I’ve always had a thing for peppermint, so it was only natural for me to try to add this unique fragrance to the mixture and I chose peppermint essential oil for the recipe.

It’s enough to say that although I’m still looking for ways to improve the lip balm I’ve created, my efforts of finding a commercial alternative have significantly diminished.

In fact, I’m quite confident that my own recipe will help me enjoy winter like never before.

Thanks to Le Zoe Musings for the fun tutorial.

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