DIY Mixing Medium Makeup Setting Spray – How to Make a Homemade Refresher Setting Spray for your Skin

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Are Makeup Setting Sprays Worth The Investment?
Summertime is my concept of perfection due to its balmy nights, gorgeous outfits, and also the possibility to spend fantastic days on an outing with family and close friends. Having said that, I realize that my makeup fails to venerate the summer season as substantially as I do. As soon as the temperature soars, it starts to glide off and my best option to have an all-day, picture-perfect face is actually a setting spray.

We’ve heard those top brands makeup setting spray lines, and yours truly have invested in one like the MAC Fix+ to set my makeup hence avoiding that powdery/cakey look on my face. Yes, it works great but they are way too pricey considering that I used them a lot.

Searching for a simple and quick solution, I’ve been endeavoring to formulate a refresher/setting spray for months but I normally encountered some issues because basically, the mixture got easily spoiled after using for few days. Finally, I’ve made one that lasted for about 6 weeks. I believe it’s acceptable enough considering that I’m not adding parabens or preservatives as I desired to come up with a preservative-free refreshing/setting spray (which I referred to as a ‘hairspray for the face).

What is the difference between a refreshing and setting spray?
Generally, a refreshing spray is something that could enhance your your look just to refresh your face, while a refreshing setting spray is something that you spritz over your makeup making sure that all the powder is set in place.

Why Use a Makeup Setting Spray
In essence, the powders we normally use for makeup are actually in spherical-like form, similar to micro beads which are just sitting on our skin. And in order to set the makeup, you need a misting setting spray to enable those micro beads to melt into the skin or else, they are just sitting on the surface of your skin and since they are spherical, it would be easy to slide off and therefore, you need several touch up throughout the day. Therefore by spritzing this spray, it allows your makeup to set hence melting the spheres, that way, it glides nicely and flat thus allowing your makeup to stick onto your skin.

You’ll Need these Ingredients to Get You Started:

Distilled water – (not the tap water because its high in calcium & sodium)
Glycerin – (got this at Rite Aid)
Green tea – this will add caffeine to your refreshing spray to give you that nice and refreshed look
Fresh medium size Cucumber – the cucumber extract is good for the skin, it takes care of redness of the skin, if you have rosacea it will calm down your skin a little bit and if you have darkening issue on the skin especially on the eye area, its going to take care of that.
Travel sized Spray bottle – with fine mist setting.

Two Essential oils that’s very important, this is what really kind of make it or break it for this mixture:

Tea tree oil – one of the most potent anti bacterial, anti septic and anti fungal oil and good for acne prone skin.
Rose Oil – extracted from real roses, it’s also anti bacterial and anti septic. And the combination of these 2 oils will make our refreshing/setting spray would last long without the use of paraben and other preservatives.
Lemon oil – since we are using fresh cucumber extract, this will extend the life of the cucumber extract

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For Botanical Mixture: Boil 1 cup of distilled water, once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and throw the green tea bag and one full cup of chopped cucumber and let it brew for couple of minutes. After the mixture has cool down, you can drain it and add the important essential oils. You will need 4 drops of Tea tree oil and 2 drops of Rose essential oil + 1 drop of lemon essential oil (again, the purpose of lemon oil is to help extend the life shelf of the fresh cucumber extract that we added). Stir completely and set aside.

In another container, grab 2 tbsp of glycerin and add 4 tbsp of botanical mixture (see above instructions) and add 6 tbsp of distilled water and mix them thoroughly. Pour the mixture to your travel-sized spritzing bottle and voila! You are ready to use your refreshing/setting spray that will help hydrate your skin, help your makeup powder melt into your skin so it sets and glides easily.

Using this setting spray, your winged eyeliner, coral blush and your perfect pout will survive the hottest and stickiest summer days.

Other Options:

You will need:
• Travel size spray bottle
• Rose water OR lavender water OR any non-alcohol toner
• Pure glycerin OR aloe vera juice
• Tea tree oil (optional, for oily/acne prone skin) REFRESHER / SETTING SPRAY

This time, mix 1 part glycerin to 4 parts infused water/toner. For oily skin, you can mix 1 part glycerin to up to 7 parts water. For acne prone skin, you can add a drop of tea tree oil for every 4 tablespoons of solution. Aloe vera and lavender are antibacterial and are good for acne prone skin, as well as redness.

This formula doesn’t contain preservatives, so only use them for 2 weeks (3 weeks if stored in the fridge) before tossing. Make them in small batches and see how much you use, and then you can adjust how much you make the second time!

Let us know your success stories in the comments.

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