DIY Avocado Seed Facial Scrub and Cleanser

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I posted before about the avocado moisture mask to prep up dull, dry skin. But I was gazing at the pit and thought, “I’m sure there’s a lot of nutrition in that, after all, it’s a giant seed.” You may have already known that the pulp of an avocado is loaded with goodness – B vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, and fiber – but the pit, or seed, is just as packed with nutrients, if not more so.

So what would you do with the avocado pit then? Simple, you can make it as a face or body scrub. The darker-green flesh just underneath the skin contains its highest concentration of antioxidants. Be sure to scrape the inside of the skin well after peeling. The avocado seed or pit, is high in potassium and antioxidants, and is one of the best sources of soluble fiber on Earth.

Why spend money on expensive scrub when you can do it at home at a fraction of the cost? I was actually doing my experiment on this DIY face/body scrub and it turned out to be an effective way to exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving my skin supple, soft and smooth. Build up of dead skin cells increases the appearance of aging and aids acne by clogging up our pores. I’ve been doing this routine 3x a week and the results were amazing. This is definitely a must-have on my skincare routine. However, make sure to wear sunscreen with SPF 15+ when you spend time outdoor as after exfoliation, the younger skin cells are more susceptible to sun damage.


You’ll Need:
Any Facial cleanser
Avocado pit


1 Wash the avocado pit off the seed with lukewarm water and let it sit outside (windowsill) to dry for about 3-4 days (depends on the size of the pit).

2Once the pit is dried, cut the seed to easily fit into the blender and let it run until you get the desired finer grit for a scrub (don’t add any water.)

3The orange color is actually normal and occurs almost immediately as the seed oxidizes.

4Add your favorite facial cleanser and mix them thoroughly to make a paste.

5This is the finish product. Now, you can slather this mixture into your face using circular motion for 5 minutes. Your facial cleanser will wipe off any traces of makeup on your face while the avocado grits will exfoliate the dead skin cells to form the new skin cells. Then, grab some face wipes to clean your face up and rinse it off with tepid water. Do this for a week or so and see a difference in your face… more glowy, shiny, and fresh!

avocado scrub

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