DIY All Natural Homemade Mascara

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I wouldn’t leave the house without wearing makeup, even if I were to hear the firemen sirens outside my house, and they would probably have to drag me out from the burning building. The worst-case scenario would be to apply some mascara and lipstick, but even then, I would feel terribly self-conscious. Anyway, my point is that mascara is very important to me, and I would not settle for second best, not for the sake of saving money or avoiding allegedly harmful side effects.

I’ve always contemplated the idea of using homemade mascara, but until recently, I couldn’t pull myself to brew the magic concoction.Till I found this great idea from Robin of thank your body. After I made sure that I have a healthy stock of commercial mascara, I began to experiment with the ingredients that I had prepared a long time ago. Mixing them and anxiously waiting for results was much better than expected, and applying the mascara was every bit as easy as it used to be with its commercial counterpart.

When comparing results I realized with pleasure that the differences are negligible and my homemade mascara is on par with the expensive product I was using. Now when I look back and consider all of those ingredients and chemicals that I had trouble spelling, I find it hard to believe that I was stuck for so many years with what is likely an unhealthy product. I don’t take leaps of faith too often, but I think that this ”do-it-yourself success” will not remain an exception.

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