Create a Magical Face Lift with These Makeup Techniques

If you’ve ever wondered how stars seem to look so perfect and youthful onscreen, but when you see candid shots they seem a decade older, it’s the magic of the makeup artist who works miracles with the tools of his or her trade.


When you’re your own makeup artist, your face becomes a canvas and the make up the medium with which you work. Just like painting, you’ll be tricking the eyes of those who see you with the use of tone to create the image you want them to see.

Knowing the right ways to create a more youthful appearance by using lighter and darker tones to make parts of your face seem fuller while hiding puffiness and imperfections in other areas, can take years off your appearance and have you looking your best without the help of a plastic surgeon.

How to Do It:
You first want to find a fantastic foundation base that justifies and evens out your skin tone. A thinner foundation is essential especially one that doesn’t cake and settles into the wrinkles making them more noticeable.
Less is better when using foundation to get a more youthful appearance. When you’ve completed this step, you’ll have a blank canvas, ready to highlight and camouflage signs of aging.

Use a concealer next to brighten slightly shadowed areas in the triangle that extend under the eye, down the side of the nose and up at an angle to the temple.

Make sure you lightly apply it close to the lash line and the brow bone and the outer corner of the eye. The color should be just a shade lighter than your foundation, so it provides the highlighting effect without being obvious and immediately noticeable.

You’re using the effects of the lighter color to bring the area to the foreground and reduce the sunken look of the eyes, making them more outstanding and youthful.

Apply a very light coat of translucent powder over the entire area to create a smooth matte finish.

You’re ready to do your eyebrows, which can change your appearance from tired to alert and rested. If you have thicker eyebrows, consider thinning them a bit to give a lighter more youthful appearance to your face.

You can use eyeshadow matching your brows and use a brush to create a higher brow to open your eyes. Begin the brow above your normal brow line and move the highest point of the brow outward, more toward the side of your face above the outer edge of your eye.

If you already have thicker or average brows, use the shadow from the highest point toward the end, making the highest point a bit higher and further to the side. The tail should be slightly higher than the bottom of the start of the brow.

Next, comes the eye shadow. You want a soft tone. Start in the middle of the eye and apply in a triangular fashion, with the end going up to open the eyes.

Make sure the upward line starts right before or just at the edge of your eye and goes straight up. That lifts the appearance of the eye. Use a slightly lighter color of shadow and in circular motion apply it from the darker shadow to the middle of the eye right above the crease. Blend the shadow upward at the outside toward the temples.

Apply mascara to all lashes but those at the outer corner of the eye, which can give a downward appearance you’re trying to avoid. If you want to add some glamor to the lower lashes, you can put some of the shadows in the middle of the eye, just under the lashes. The same goes for mascara.

Contour the cheekbones with a lighter powder applied to a line parallel to the outside of the eyeshadow line, but starting on the cheekbone. It will rise toward the temples also.
Just underneath, create a line of blush and blend it, still allowing the lighter powder to show on top. Apply some blush at the corner of the eye and side of the forehead.

Then apply shimmer if you choose, lightly to the brow and the outer corner of the eye. Put it any place you want to make more visible. If you have a smaller chin or nose, highlighting it with shimmer will make it look more in the balance with your face.

Finish the look by powdering your lips or using a concealer to create the canvas. Use a lip pencil to create your outline, making sure you lift the upper corners a bit. You now should have a younger, more alert and well-rested look, no matter what your age or how little you slept.

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