Causes of Excessive Head Sweating

Medical Causes of Excessive Sweating / How to Stop Excessive Sweating

EXCESSIVE SWEATING can be annoying and embarrassing particularly when you are socializing and the worst case when you are on a date. The condition of abnormal heavy perspiration is medically known as Hyperhidrosis which is curable without the use of medications.

I’m sure everybody can relate to this problem as plenty of people experience excessive sweating especially in the underarm. Though not much of them can actually talk or discuss the issue and just flinch if faced with this awkward situation.

Medical cause of Head Sweating

Cause of Excessive Head Sweating

I remember my high school friend who had an issue about Hyperhidrosis,  her palms were dripping literally while the hand towel was soaked with sweat.  She was actually embarrassed about it knowing that she can’t even hold a paper or a pen without putting a cover to shield it from wetness. I guess her condition was being inhibited after she used natural remedies and changed of lifestyle habit.

At least there is a natural way on how to treat excessive perspiration contingent on which areas of your body that sweats a lot, and the safest and natural way to alleviate exuberant sweating is Baking Soda.  For sure nearly everyone has a baking soda in the kitchen; this white soluble compound will not only cure palm sweating but including body sweating as well. Most people use it as an antiperspirant and I personally use it to get rid the odor in my shoes and it works effectively compare to those costly shoe sprays.

How to Stop Excessive Sweating

Sweat is an acid while Baking soda is an alkaline and once added together, it can evaporate the sweat spontaneously in the form of gas while preventing sweating as the compound residue on the skin causes the dryness.  So when treating excessive perspiration on your palms,  just fill up a large dish bowl with hot or warm water ( depending on how your hot water tolerance is) and add equal parts of baking soda to create a cloudy water. Submerge both hands in the liquid for approximately 25 minutes and dry up both hands with towel.

The warm water can open up your pores to get better penetration of the solution that’s why using cold or room temperature water is not recommended. Make sure to avoid washing your hands with soap and water after soaking. Apply the solution within 5 straight days and see the improvements.

However, you may try integrating baking soda in your bath routine, if you wish to treat excessive perspiration in the body.  This application is easy;  fill the tub with warm water adding 1 cup of baking soda but before immersing yourself in the tub, make certain to exfoliate your skin first with loofah or sponge.

After exfoliation, you can take the plunge and soak yourself up for at least 15 to 20 minutes while rubbing baking soda in the most affected areas like palms, underarm and feet. Don’t rinse with water; just dry yourself off with clean towel.  Doing this natural method is one effective way to eliminate body odor as well.

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