Cat Eyes by Magic – The Easiest Way to Get the Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

I’m not sure about you, but I made a lot of efforts refining the skills to achieve that perfect cat-eye look which happens to be my Achilles heel since I could recollect.


I understand that it requires lots of forbearances and a stable hand to pull off two lines and winged out the liner subtly, meaning the lines need to be symmetrical on both sides.

I’m a fan of the cat-eye look, and this is usually the perfect match when you attend parties or perhaps any social gatherings.

Then a good friend of mine shared her technique and showed me the most efficient & simple way to get that winged-out look every single time. I tried this strategy, and it works flawlessly sans the frustration.

The trick here is the scotch tape. You should try it once for a while until you master the technique in creating a cat-eye look but make sure to apply eye primer on your eyelid to make the eyeliner last longer. And don’t forget to put the tape first on your wrist to make it less sticky.

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