Burn 100 Calories in Four Minutes – Best Techniques for a Quick Weight Loss

If you want to add a fast fat burner, use the methods of Jim Sarete, who is a wellness guru that create a technique for quick weight loss, especially for those individuals that don’t have the time for regularly scheduled exercise.

To show you just how fast the exercises burn calories, consider the fact that running an hour burns off about 150 calories, while these burn off 100 in just four minutes. WOW!

According to Sarete, you can adjust the timing based on your present fitness level. For those who are in great condition, they can do the full four minutes all at one time.

However, if you’re not in peak shape, do just two minutes at a time. This plan was created for those who have a far less than active lifestyle and frequently become exhausted after just a few minutes of exercise.

Doing as much as you can without overdoing, allows you to build cardiovascular strength and endurance to increase your workout over time.

Sarete noticed that if you had a workout partner, such as friend or family member, you’d be much more likely to continue working out, so for those who are grossly out of shape, he highly suggests it.

If you do this program from start to finish, on a regular basis, you’ll burn fat in no time and boost your fitness level dramatically.

The program is simple and consists of 4 basic exercises:

Start by jumping with outstretched hands. Jump ten times.


Do squats. Again, ten squats in a row is the magic number.


Do an old fashioned floor push up ten times. Not everyone can do a push-up and if you’re one of those people, do them against a wall rather than on the floor. Again, do ten.

Stepping is the last exercise. Do ten on each leg.

You may only be able to do these once a day or find you have time to do them several times a day, just not in succession. The ideal is to do all the exercises four times in a row, taking a very short rest after you’ve finished the set of four at least once.

You’ll notice quite a difference that this group of exercises makes after just a few weeks. They will firm you up, thin you out and help you increase your fitness level and energy level.

Just taking 20 minutes a day, you’ll see a renewed more youthful appearance and feel fantastic.

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