Brazilian Bikini Wax Styles – the Story Behind your Bikini Wax

Brazilian Bikini Wax

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I guess many of us know that one of the summertime requirement is getting a bikini wax or Brazilian wax coupled with SPF 45 and flip flops as you cannot frolic in the beach wearing a fur skirt, isn’t it?

Therefore, many women prefer the method of waxing the bikini line as it could last for 1 to 2 months before the stubble re-appears. Waxing does have its benefits unlike shaving that will leave you scratching like a brown dog 2 hours after shaved and the results are really worth it.

Anyway, did you know that how you landscape your veejay says a lot about who you are, So what is the story behind your bikini line? Read on…

All Natural

A woman who allow her shrubs to grow wild is either completely lack of experience in the bedroom or super hippie (translation: free spirited) that lets that goods grow all over the map. If a guy can get some loot, he usually care less what’s going on south of the border but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about it.

The Traditional Clean Up

What does this mean? It translate as being considerate, but likely not allow you to let her flip in bed.

Landing Strip

Letting a teeny patch is an instant turn on for guys which means that she takes care of herself and knows what a guy wants. For guys, the landing strip is the holy grail which means she is ready for some audacious sexcapades with her partner.

Baring it All

If you are bold enough to bare it all, normally guys don’t know what to say about it. For some guys, they feel like a pedophile when they notice that there’s nothing down there though some other guys may like it. As being explained, some guys are tend to take themselves to downtown if there’s nothing to bother them like coughing up a hairball later. Plus, a woman who gets rid it all is absolutely a nut in the sheets.

Fun With Shapes

There are women that I’ve known who treat their privates like a piece of art by creating a common landscape such the like of arrows, butterflies and heart shapes. So what do you think about it guys, that woman gets around like a hot dog in a diseased hallway. Agree?

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